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16 NOVEMBER 2018


The Inaugural CARVER Critical Infrastructure Protection Conference

Workable security solutions to ensure the security of your investments.

Security Management International (SMI) is pleased to host the inaugural CARVER Target Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment Convention in Washington, D.C. on Friday, November 16th, 2018 from 8am – 5pm. The event will be in Washington D.C. at the Washington Marriott Metro Center with a continental breakfast, lunch, and light fare in the afternoon.

This one-day event will cover a range of topics related to protecting critical infrastructure and key resources, utilizing the world-famous CARVER Target Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment Methodology as a foundation for discussion.  The latest innovations in assessment technology, recent case studies, and best practices for identifying and minimizing security threats will all be addressed. Featured speakers include retired CIA officer and the “Godfather of CARVER,” Leo Labaj, Dr. Jenni Hesterman, Major General Edward Leacock, Chuck Brooks, plus many more. This is literally a first of its kind. An amazing opportunity to learn from and network with security professionals – from both the public and private sectors – who specialize in the CARVER methodology and are responsible for protecting their organization’s valuable assets from would-be aggressors. 

What is...
The CARVER Target Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment Methodology

The forefront of the security consulting world

CARVER is a nationally recognized target analysis and vulnerability assessment methodology used extensively by the military, intelligence and law enforcement community. While numerous other vulnerability assessments have emerged and gone by the wayside, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security officially recognized CARVER as the preferred methodology for securing critical infrastructure.  The CARVER methodology is both a defensive and offensive tool: it can assess and analyze risk based on a wide variety of threats and adversaries, as well analyze potential enemy targets to ensure maximum impact.

CARVER allows complex data to be synthesized into usable information by integrating the analysis and examination of assets, threats, vulnerabilities, and countermeasures surrounding a specific facility. Its applications are numerous, from physical security and counter-intelligence, to cyber security. It plays an essential role in the protection of critical infrastructure and safety by determining the likelihood of an adversary successfully exploiting a system or an asset’s vulnerabilities. It is a time-tested vulnerability assessment methodology that balances efficiency with reliability. What separates the CARVER method from other methodologies is the fact that it offers both a qualitative and quantitative analysis of its findings. This is particularly useful to the security practitioner to help clarify thinking, assist with decision-making, and to provide reasoning for budgets and resource allocations.

For nearly two decades, the SMI team has taught the CARVER Target Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment ™ Training Course to thousands of students from many backgrounds, including the military, law-enforcement and intelligence communities, as well as the private sector. We have had numerous Fortune 500 security managers/directors participating in our courses. In fact, we are one of the only security firms allowed to teach CARVER to foreign governments, per approvals from the U.S. departments of State and Commerce.

Our security professionals combined have worked in over 120 countries, while several associates are recognized experts in the fields of terrorist investigations, explosives (post blast/ordnance disposal) and chemical/biological response. This expertise is based on years of experience acquired in combating terrorists, narco-traffickers, insurgents, intelligence organizations and criminals.








*Note – If you attended a SMI CARVER Target Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment Training Course™ within the past 36-months, your registration fee is locked in at $99 no matter the circumstance.

The CARVER Target Analysis & Vulnerability Assessment Methodology Goes Digital

The SOTERIA mobile security application program and analysis management system is a mobile GUI interface that will be used by assessment teams the tactical level, which electronically collects and processes information in order to deliver a high-quality report in less time. It utilizes a step-by-step process to perform a CARVER assessment of a commercial and/or government critical infrastructure facility and is compatible with the Department of Homeland Security’s 16 Critical Infrastructure Sectors (outlined in PPD-21).


Luke BW

Luke Bencie, Managing Director, SMI

Mr. Bencie has consulted on security strategy and management with the US Department of State, US Department of Defense, Fortune 500 companies, as well as foreign governments. Author of four books on security. 

Leo LB

Leo Labaj, Retired CIA, Director SMI

Mr. Labaj is known as the “Godfather of Carver”. He has over 40 years and is a veteran of the US Navy, the Air National Guard, and the Central Intelligence Agency.

Jerry BW

Jerry Savnik

With 30 years law enforcement experience, 12 years with The Walt Disney Company as part of its Global Security team, and a 22-year FBI career, where Jerry investigated White Collar Crime, Violent Crime, Organized Crime and Terrorism cases.

Chuck BW

Chuck Brooks, General Dynamics

Chuck Brooks is one of the most recognized cyber security experts in the United States. He has received two Presidential appointments – under President George W. Bush and President Reagan. 

Jennifer BW

Dr. Jenni Hesterman

Jenni retired as a Colonel in the U.S. Air Force. Her last assignment was Vice Commander at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland, where she led installation security, force support, and the 1st Helicopter Squadron. She regularly escorted the U.S. president and other heads of state on the ramp.

Leacock BW

Major General Edward Leacock

Edward Leacock served in the U.S. Army for more than 41 years as an intelligence professional in the Active Duty, Army Reserve and National Guard components. He retired as a Major General.

James BW

James Maxwell

Jim Maxwell’s career with the FBI spans over 30 years, 15 of which were with the FBI Regional SWAT Team. Mr. Maxwell worked Foreign Counter-Intelligence, Organized Crime, Drugs, Violent Crime and Terrorism investigations during his career.  He has participated in high–profile operations his career such as the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens Greece, the arrest of the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing suspects, and a first responder during 911 and the “Amerithrax” investigation.

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Join us on November 16th for:

  • Panels with the experts
  • Hear the latest innovations in security
  • See the 1st CARVER App, Soteria, live
  • Get your signed copy of Leo Labaj and Luke Bencie’s latest book on CARVER
  • Networking reception with area thought leaders

Book Launch & Signing

Be one of the first to own a signed copy of Leo “The Godfather of CARVER” Labaj’s and Luke Bencie’s new book, The CARVER Target Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment Methodology: A Practical Guide for Evaluating Security Vulnerabilities.”

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